How We Got Started

     Welcome to Rose’s Pendulum! My goal in this site was to produce great looking jewelry that offers "Energetic" support to our "Chakras" and energetic systems. Historically these types of jewelry come from India and always look about the same, not that Indian Jewelry is poor, but its such an ancient culture with very well known design elements. I really wanted to offer  newer designs. Working with stones/beads like Carnelian, Amethyst, Quartz, Unakite for their supportive properties and use them in my jewelry and pendulum making. Why not make your jewelry do "double duty"!

      In my endeavors, I've also created jewelry for ladies who ride motorcycles, they have a wonderful sense of humor and spirit, therefore I've created the "Skulls and Pearls" section of this site- you all know who you are! 

    I hope you enjoy strolling through, there will be new pieces every week! Thank You ,



By the way, if you are drawn towards the spiritual side. The desire to communicate with higher forces. To commune with yourself in a safe arena that allows you to explore your own spirit, meditation is a beautiful technique that will take you there. I've added a Russel Brandt video below that is only 11 minutes or so of a very well put "documentary" on connection with oneself. Meditation contains energy work enhanced with crystals, energetic jewelry, or not. It only requires a small amount of time to learn. The tools I offer are not required but helpful!!. Mean while the video is a bit rough in the sense that he is extremely direct and throws a few "F" bombs here in there. If you can get passed those few words, he really puts the info in a nutshell. I hope this is not offensive but clears some probable questions there may be! I hope you enjoy it and  is helpful!!

Here's your link, will lead you to another page, Namaste