• Amethyst Wearable Pendulum


         Beautiful Amethyst Necklace is actually a pendulum. This necklace is approximately 18″, each one is a bit different as these crystals are all individuals. We strive to pick the deepest, richest colors for our crystals and pendulums but each one is unique in its own way. Amethyst is a soft crystal and can break somewhat easily. So, be gentle with  your semi precious stones/pendulums. This necklace also offers Carnelian beads and a larger Quartz Crystal cap with a plated silver, non- tarnishing chain. The clasp is a toggle and loop.  

         Amethyst is a healing stone. Protects from negative energies. It naturally opens  and stimulates the 3rd eye and aides in deeper connections with spirit/spiritual communication. A great stone for a pendulum. The quartz is an enhancer to almost every stone that gets near it. A natural energy generator, will support and enhance the Amethyst and Carnelian.

    The Carnelian beads allow for better focus and understanding. This wearable pendulum really offers a very supportive combination of stones and energies!

    Wearing the stones protects it much better than keeping your pendulum in a small bag, or loose in your pocket. Wearing  also allows the stone to bond quicker to its wearer.