• Chakra Bracelet


    Chakra Bracelet

             This cute Chakra Bracelet offers all the corresponding stones which support each of our Chakras. It contains Lapis,Turquoise Bead, Adventurine Green , Adventurine Yellow, Carnelian, Garnet and Amethyst. There are several stones that support each Chakra area but we have chosen this particular combination because of the great colors! This bracelet comes with a toggle and ring clasp and offers a catch chain for additional support!.

               Its approximately 7" and slips on easily, very comfortable and useful in meditation to help envision your chakra colors as you work with them. Each bracelet will vary slightly

    due to the nature of the stones/beads. We can add up to 1- 1/2inches at no extra charge if needed, just let us know at order time!