• Kiwi Jasper Flourite Necklace


    Kiwi Jasper Flourite Necklace

            Our great necklace has the 2nd/bottom row of Kiwi Jasper which has an opalescent quality that brings out pinks, lilacs and kiwi green tones. Very "different" looking piece of jewelry.

    The first row is Flourite beads. Both Kiwi Jasper and Flourite are used to absorb and neutralize negative energy. They support memory and focus and should be considered a very good all around stone to wear at work or in stressful environments. This necklace is bound by a chocolate leather strap along with a toggle and clasp closure.

    We generally make this piece to fit 17-17  1/2in. long so the first row of Flourite sits just at the center clavicle for most ladies. We can alter the length for no additional cost, just let us know!

    We also offer a great double wrap bracelet to match at $24.00, its here as Kiwi Jasper Bracelet!!