• Quartz Crystals with Copper Wire Wrapping


    Quartz Crystals with Copper Wire Wrapping
         The crystals shown in the above pictures may not be available but are representative of the Copper Wired Meditation Crystals we offer.
         These crystals vary in size and shape and cost on the average about  $35.00. The prices will vary due to the different sizes of the crystals. The larger
    crystals are about 2-2 1/2 inches long and approximately 5/8ths in diameter, some are stockier at 1- 1/2 inches long but round like a quarter,
    the shapes will vary.
        We look through hundreds of stones every month to choose the clearest stone and best fitting comfortably in the hand. They are then wrapped in Copper
    wire along with Carnelian, Amethyst or which ever smaller stones the buyer prefers. This is done to enhance specific needs.
    We offer Carnelian, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Aquamarine, Unikite, Garnet, Green Adventurine and Rose Quartz as companions wired
    into the larger quartz crystal. Generally 2 additional stones work well.  We will create the Crystal as requested, take a picture and forward
    to the buyer for approval before shipping.
         These Quartz Crystals are well charged energetically. The copper enhances the energy support and aids in deeper meditations. We have added
    a list of available stones and the energies they support if deciding to make your own custom combination!

    Amethyst-activates crown Chakra, supports healing, supports the meditative state and aides to clear energies and aura's. An excellent meditation stone.

    Carnelian- Cleanses negativity in and around us, supports creative ideas and subsequent initiative. Can clear other stones of negativity.

    Tiger Eye- Earth stone, supports grounding and calming. Brings additional focus and clarity- Can trigger 3rd eye opening when worked with regularly.

    Citrine- Affects root Chakra. Great for clearing negativity from the aura. This stone never needs clearing and its frequently used to enhance intuition and clarity.

    Aquamarine- Called the "Stone of Courage"- activates the throat Chakra allowing for better communication and supports quick thought and analysis.

    Unakite- Aides in balancing the emotional and spiritual body, supports in clearing old "blocks" from the past. A stone for meditation used to clear psychic blocks.

    Garnet- Garnet supports the emotional state. Allowing for re-discovery and re-creation of ourselves. It supplies a good flow of balancing energy for healing and re-building

    Green Adventurine- The stone of "Opportunity" thought to aid in manifesting wealth and opportunity. Aides in focus and clarity which is an asset in the business world.

    Rose Quartz-Excellent for healing emotional wounds, its soft energy emits a calm, cooling effect on our Chakras. This stone is a well known healer and balancing of energy