• Rose Quartz Pendulum


    Rose Quartz pendulum is approximately 12" long, silver chain and small quartz crystal crowning the rose quartz pendulum. This is allows the Quartz to enhance the effects of the Rose Quartz. Each pendulum is made to order, we seek out the "Pinkiest" rose quartz available and only use silver chains due to their ability to transmit energy.

    Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Helping to open the heart Chakra.It helps to release emotional trauma and balance emotion. This lovely stone has been used for centuries in “Love Spells” for unconditional love, romance and marriage. Its healing properties are well known.
    Carry this stone to aide in keeping your heart open and mind in tune and in balance.
    Clearing this stone is best done through Reiki or moonlight.

    See our informative videos on caring and clearing of your pendulum.