Unakite Wearable Pendulum


Unakite Wearable Pendulum

      This great  dark orange and moss green stone is called Unakite. This is a wearable pendulum. We added Unakite beads, Orange Adventurine, Hessionite Beads and plated sterling beads which gives it a southwestern flair. This piece gets a lot of attention as it offers beautiful "Fall" coloring and as a necklace, it's a very practical way to tune into your pendulum. Unakite is a stone which helps to balance our energy flow between spiritual and physical realms. The stone  also works to support healthy pregnancy with good balanced energy. The  Hessonite supports strength of mind and calms fear, creates clarity, and supports spiritual growth. Adventurine is known to support healing, creativity and spiritual growth. A great combination. Wearing your pendulum allows for bonding energetically which supports better contact and makes working with the pendulum easier with time.

 We offer a video on You Tube on how to use a pendulum. A quick start view.     https://youtu.be/CZlkjxE-008

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